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Advantages of aluminum products: light and stylish. Disadvantages: heat conduction is too fast, you can’t get it with hot water, and you can’t get it with cold water. Aluminum products are too soft to bump into pits, and excessive intake of aluminum can cause harm to the human body.
The main function
1. No leakage
No omission, don’t think this is a joke. In fact, the word contains two meanings: on the one hand, it is sturdy and on the other hand is safety. The wild environment is harsh, and bumps are hard to avoid. If the kettle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if its opening is not tightly closed, not only will it lose valuable drinking water in the wild, but it may also wet the clothing, equipment and other items it carries. If important items such as food and clothing are killed, you may be killed in some extreme environments.
2. Easy to carry
Portability. There are many situations where water bottles are used outdoors, sometimes on bicycles and sometimes on rock walls. This puts forward requirements for the portability of water bottles. Some containers made of soft materials, such as water bags and leather kettles, have the advantage of irreplaceability. Their volume and shape can be changed as needed. This is undoubtedly the gospel of your overloaded backpack.
3. Designed for special use
Designed for special use, the outdoor environment varies greatly, and there are many types of outdoor sports. In some cases, the general functions cannot meet the needs. In those situations where only one hand can be used for drinking, a bottle mouth that can be opened and closed with one hand or with teeth is particularly important. When there are a large number of people and the need for camping and picnic, a foldable bottle The bucket will effectively meet the needs of the camp for water. In harsh conditions such as high altitudes or polar regions, an insulated kettle that ensures your water does not freeze will give you no worries.
Compared with other water tools, sports water bottles have become the basic configuration for outdoor enthusiasts because they are durable, safe and reliable, convenient and safe, and can be selected in different colors and styles according to personal preferences. How to buy a reassuring, affordable and safe sports bottle has become an important issue that cannot be ignored.
Emphasis, heat/cold, the material selection, security leak proof, portable travel, multiple processes, long-term preservation, vacuum insulation, 304 stainless steel tank, 304 stainless steel bowl, portable handle design out, go out one with the convenient and quick, fruity and burr at the top, safe and convenient to drink water, using 304 stainless steel tank, heat preservation sex is strong, durable, non-slip bottom design, stable platform, placed at ease, should not be leaking, can be loaded with gas liquid, loosen the lid, easy to clean.

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