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Product name: 316 stainless steel antler vacuum cup
Material: 316 stainless steel
Capacity: 500 ml
Size: height 24cm diameter 8cm
1. Food grade silicone straw, healthy and safe drinking.
2. Built-in sealing silicone ring, resulting in no water leakage.
3. Detachable cup sleeve design, more convenient to carry.
4. One double-lided glass, which can be sippy or small.
5. Press the shell cover and open it as soon as you press it. The shell cover design.
Stainless steel inner liner, use healthy rest assured.
7. Wear-resistant cup bottom, the concave and convex design of the base is stable and not easy to fall down.
8. Warm all day long, 24 hours long heat preservation.
9. Light and durable, high oxidation resistance, strong corrosion resistance.
10. Vacuum copper plating design of inner tank, effectively prevent heat loss.
The stainless steel vacuum flask is made of double-layer stainless steel inside and outside. The inner tank and the outer shell are combined by welding technology, and then the air in the sandwich between the inner tank and the outer shell is drawn out by vacuum technology to achieve the effect of vacuum insulation.

Stainless steel insulation cups are divided into: ordinary insulation cup (after pouring boiling water in, the holding time is generally less than three hours), vacuum insulation cup (through the vacuum process, the boiling water can be kept for more than 8 hours)

Stainless steel vacuum flask has the function of heat preservation and cold preservation. Ordinary vacuum flasks have poor heat preservation and cold preservation functions. The effect of vacuum flask is much better. We can use vacuum flask to fill ice water or ice cubes on hot days. , So that you can enjoy the icy feeling at any time, can be filled with hot water in winter, so that you can drink hot water at any time.

The stainless steel vacuum flask can be customized according to requirements, and the operation is more flexible and simple. Therefore, more and more people regard the stainless steel vacuum flask as a gift to friends, customers, and promotional gifts. Do it on the cup body or on the lid Send your own company information or deliver blessings and other content. This kind of customized gift is being accepted by more and more people.

1. When using, add hot water (ice water) to preheat or pre-cool, the heat preservation effect is better.
2. The mouth of the bottle is about 3.5cm wide, and food such as ice cubes is easy to put in, and the inner tank is easy and convenient to clean.
3. Sling design, easy to carry. (Sling style)

Common sense of maintenance:
1. Keep the thermos cup dry when not in use for a long time.
2. In order to prevent the generation of peculiar smell and stains, please clean and dry after use.
3. Since the use of dirty water will leave red spots similar to rust, it can be soaked in warm water and diluted vinegar for 30 minutes and then cleaned.
4. Please use a soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent and a moistened sponge to wipe the surface of the product. The product must be cleaned after each use.

cleaning method:
1. It must be cleaned after each use.
2. Please clean with mild neutral detergent, do not use bleach or chlorine-containing detergent to avoid damage to the product.

1. Use a small amount of boiling water (or ice water) to preheat or pre-cool for 1 minute before use, the effect of heat preservation and cold preservation will be better.
2. After filling the bottle with hot or cold water, be sure to close the bottle plug tightly to avoid scalds caused by water leakage.
3. If there is excessive hot water or cold water, there will be water leakage. Please refer to the water volume location diagram in the manual.
4. Do not place it near the fire source to avoid deformation.
5. Do not put it in the reach of children, and be careful not to let children play, there is a danger of burns.
6. When putting hot drinks in the cup, please be careful of burns.
7. Do not put the following beverages: dry ice, carbonated drinks, salty liquids, milk, milk drinks, etc.
8. The color will change when the hot tea is kept warm for a long time. It is more suitable to use tea bags when going out.
9. Do not put the goods in the dishwasher, dryer, or microwave oven.
10. Avoid the bottle falling and huge impact, so as to avoid the surface depression and cause the failure of poor insulation.
11. If the product you are buying is only suitable for cold preservation, please do not add hot water to keep it warm to avoid scalding.
12. If you load foods and soups containing salt, please take them out within 12 hours and clean the thermos cup.
13. It is forbidden to load the following items:
1) Dry ice, carbonated drinks (to avoid the risk of internal pressure rising, which may cause the bottle stopper to fail to open or the contents to spray out).
2) Acidic beverages such as plum juice and lemon juice (will cause poor insulation)
3) Milk, dairy products, juice, etc. (if left for too long, it will spoil)

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