Car hot and cold cup (with digital display)

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name Car hot and cold cup (with digital display)
Appearance material ABS+ aluminum alloy
colour Photo Color
Product voltage 12V
Product power 36W
Heating temperature 55~65℃
Cooling temperature -3~5℃
Mute index <45Db
Product acessories Car charger + manual
scenes to be used Car, home, personal office space
Product Size 114*94*166mm
Product Weight 378g
Package dimensions 107*107*177mm
Gross weight of individual package 500g
Package size 562*347*376mm
Qty 30 sets
Package weight 17kg

Car heating cup general refrigeration constant temperature cup 12V24V car intelligent constant warmth milk cup
Product name: intelligent car office hot and cold cup
Product capacity: 5L
Material: ABS+ aluminum alloy
Insulation performance: 6-12 hours
Product color: cool black classical purple gold small aluminum cup
Certification: CE ROHS quality inspection report
Function: all kinds of canned beer, beverage and so on all kinds of bottled milk products, mineral water, beverage refrigeration or heating
The characteristics of
Intelligent hot and cold high-end screen touch button heating high temperature 58 degrees red light refrigeration low temperature 5 degrees blue light
2 quiet design comfortable use of reasonable internal structure layout and components noise reduction optimization to ensure that the work at the same time effectively reduce the decibel work
The 3TEC semiconductor refrigeration chip is fast and consumes less energy

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