Creative 12oz Coke can vacuum insulation cold glass double stainless steel beer bottle cover

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Creative 12oz Coke can vacuum insulation cold glass double stainless steel beer bottle cover
Material: inside and outside 304
Insulation performance: 12-24 hours
Capacity:12 oz
Color can be customized
The versatile “one cup with multiple uses” has become a popular practice in the new vacuum flask. Almost every thermos mug has its own distinctive features. Some have a double cover design. Just press the small red button in the middle when driving, and the water will automatically flow out without splashing on the car; some are in There is a tea compartment design in the middle of the thermos cup, which can quickly filter tea and tea water, which is very suitable for people who work indoors. There are also double cups. The bottom box cover also has a dark grid for tea, sugar, coffee, etc. The vacuum liner made of stainless steel double layer can not only hold boiling water, but also ice water, etc. Some cups also have the function of braising. The vacuum flask with the least function also has at least two functions, and the most The functional vacuum flask has 4 to 5 functions, which is very convenient for both traveling and home use.
The quality of thermos cups on the market varies from good to bad. Here are several ways to identify products. Pour boiling water into the thermos cup and tighten the cork or lid clockwise for 2-3 minutes and then touch the outer surface of the cup with your hand. If the cup body has obvious warming, it means that the product has lost its vacuum and cannot reach a good level. Thermal insulation effect. After adding water to the cup, tighten the cork and lid in a clockwise direction, place the cup flat on the table, and there should be no water leakage; the screwing of the lid and the mouth of the cup should be flexible and there should be no gap. New food-grade plastics are characterized by low odor, bright surface, no burrs, long service life and not easy to age. Ordinary plastics or recycled plastics are characterized by big smell, dark color, many burrs, and plastics are easy to age and break.
The characteristics of
1. Silicone plug is blocked when closing the straw to prevent a large amount of water leakage
2 easy to install the suction pipe at the following suction mouth, light turn a circle can be
Stainless steel liner corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, no rust, environmental protection and health
4 high temperature baking paint cup body waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-slip wear-resistant, do not drop paint
5 stainless steel cup bottom reinforcement non-slip durable
The design of the 6 Lid Straw is simple but not simple
7 exclusive custom mind is more than just text fashion tide cool

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