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Material: 304 stainless steel inside and outside 201 stainless steel inside and outside
Craft: Customizable
Minimum order quantity: 5-10 pieces
Capacity: 175ml 260ml 300ml 480ml
Size: 175ml caliber 7.3cm* height 7.5cm
260ml diameter 7.7cm* height 9.0cm
300ml caliber 8.2cm* height 9.5cm
260ml small waist diameter 8.2cm* height 9.8cm
480ml small waist diameter 8.7cm* height 14.2cm
Price: USD0.5- USD2.9/PC
Features: anti-ironing protective sleeve, silicone protective pad, heat insulation, anti-ironing, comfortable grip, more durable, sealed lid, dustproof, insect-proof, anti-leakage, environmentally friendly, healthy and easy to clean, using electrolysis process, mirror polishing process, bright as a mirror, convenient cleaning, fine polishing, smooth and smooth cup mouth, no scraping
The coffee cup is made by sintering negative ion powder, tourmaline, high-quality clay and other basic materials. The high concentration of negative ions released by the high coffee cup can electrolyze the water, produce negatively charged hydroxide ions, make the macromolecular groups in the water smaller, and enhance the water’s solubility and penetration. Therefore, the drinking water in the coffee cup has a stronger ability to dissolve the beverage, and the beverage effect is better. Pour water into a coffee cup to increase water activity, regulate human body secretion, adjust the body’s yin and yang balance, promote metabolism, improve human microcirculation, and have a good medical and health care effect on the alleviation of various diseases.
The simplicity of the pottery cup and the roundness of the porcelain cup indicate different coffee attitudes.
Pottery Cup: It has a strong texture and is suitable for deep roasted coffee with a strong taste.
Porcelain cup: the most common, it can interpret the delicate aroma of coffee. Among them, the bone china coffee cup made of high-grade china clay and mixed with animal bone meal has light texture, soft color, high density and good heat preservation, which can make the coffee in the cup lower the temperature more slowly, and is the most able to express the coffee flavor A great choice.
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