The capacity of the product are 100ml, 120m, 150ml 200ml 250ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml and 1000ml. If the quantity is enough, the size of bottle can be customized. The color of the bottle and spray can be customized, we usually have clear, black, white, green, blue, green and red in stock, but we can do frost and other color. We provide printing services, like silkscreen printing, hot stamp, and sticker. Empty refillableplastic spray bottle is great for essential oils, perfume, cleaning products, homemade cleaners, aromatherapy, misting plants with water, and vinegar mixtures for cleaning and so on.The body part of the travel size spray bottle is made of PET and the trigger spray is made of PP. Premium quality design is safe & healthy & recyclable materials, BPA-free, non-toxic odorless, it can resistant to breaking and warping from heat, a tight seal and a lock button can prevent leaking. These materials are widely used for cosmetic/food pacakging and all are recyclable for further use. The plastic material is shatter resistant and the plasitc spray bottles are more light& portable than glass bottles. Small size and lightweight can fit seamlessly in your handbag, back pack, or luggage, easily screws together for compact storage. You can carry the mini cosmetic bottles to anywhere with confident. These trigger spray bottles are great addition for home/office/travel application. Easy to use, push the lock button to the ON side and press the handle to spray fine mist. If you need fine mist spray bottles for any products which you need to carry around, this trigger spray bottle set is all you need. Use these trigger spray bottle instead of the normal spray bottles, you will find it more effective and effortless. It has widely Appliance, ideal for home, office, gardening, travel, and hair salons use.

Airless jar

The capacity of airless cream jar we have is 15g, 30g and 50g. The color can be customized. We usually have white color in stock. We provide printing services, like silkscreen printing, hot stamp, and sticker. The airless pump tube is made of acrylic, silicone, plastic material , strong and lighweight, convenient to carry, waterproof and leakproof, can serve for a long time use, odorlesss and non-toxic, harmless to the body. Air pump travel jar can isolate harmful air and other impurities, no more fingers in skin care products. Vacuum press pump design instead of a straw so you can use every drop of your products. The white liner design can effectively prevent direct light and prevent cosmetics from being affected by light. And the product is light in weight and compact size are ideal for you to carry around in your bags or suitcases when you go on a business trip, go travelling, meet your short term use needs, and can also be applied for long term skin care needs. At the same time, you can also DIY the bottle itself according to your needs. This product is suitable for dispensing creams,foundation DIY lotions,skin care products and liquid soaps; And these airless pump jars is not only use at home but also ideal for travel, lightweight and portable. fter the skin care products in the moisturizer container are applied up, you can clean and the tray inside the jar can be pushed back to the bottom for repeated use, saving your time and energy. This product can be recycled, add little by little and screwed the lid on and then took it off to see if the entire middle part would submerge into to cream in order to create the seal. Once the jar is filled, press a few times to remove the excess of air. There is a fine balance between too full and just right in order to get the airtight seal needed. You can write the relative cosmetics name on it.

Post time: Apr-26-2022