There are a variety of styles of car cups, with 20OZ and 30OZ capacities. This kind of cup is very popular both indoors and outdoors,ideal for home, office, gardening, travel use. Its name is car cup, but it can also be used as a beer mug, coffee mug, juice mug, wine cup etc.. Double wall stainless steel material, heat/cold preservation time up to 6-12 hours.Liner is SUS304 that is food-grade and antibacterial,very easy to clean. The cup has a hole in the lid, can be inserted into the straw, you can drink through the straw, especially when driving, very safe and convenient, the lid can also be opened to use, so that drink water or some else very satisfying.

The surface process of the cup includes: spray painting, plastic spraying, thermal sublimation, thermal transfer printing, paint transfer printing, water transfer printing, skin grain, electroplating, etc., which can meet customers’ requirements of cup pattern design and texture.

We have more than 20 colors in stock, such as black, white, green, blue, yellow purple,red pink,etc.,you can choose what you like from these colors, of course the color of the cup can be customized, we can do any color according to the pantone color number as customer’s demand, the MOQ is 500pcs; We provide customized LOGO service, like silkscreen printing, hot stamp, and laser engraving, the MOQ is 300pcs;The packaging box is ordinary white box,Single cup single box,the packaging box can also be customized as customer’s request.The specification of the carton is 55*25*56cm, 30pcs/carton, gross weight of each carton is 11.5kg.

This type of thermos cup can be used by ourselves and family, or can be used as a gift or the company’s prize to give people, loved by domestic and foreign consumers, sales continue to rise, so we maintain a sufficient inventory.It is a very popular thermos.Welcome to consult to buy.




Post time: Apr-27-2022