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Amazon hot style Space Pot 40oz Large Capacity Double Layer Insulation Kettle Portable Handle Straw Cover
Capacity 12 16 18 22 32 40 62oz
Material inside and outside 304
Color can be customized
Printing screen printing thermal transfer 3D printing paint transfer laser printing
Price USD3.5-USD5.6/PC

Traditional sports water tools can only store drinking water needed for sports.
The advantages of plastic: light weight, heat conduction, slow installation, hot water is not hot, big mouth, low price. Disadvantages: not abrasion-resistant, unqualified materials will have harmful substances.
Special features:
1. This kind of kettle has a special round reinforcing rib at the bottom, which can prevent the kettle from being seriously deformed when it falls.
2. The kettle realizes the non-equal-wall processing technology, that is, the body wall is the thinnest and gradually increases in thickness toward the mouth and bottom of the kettle, which not only reduces the weight of the kettle, but also has stronger rigidity.
3. Another special point is the processing technology of its coating. The company adopts the hot-melt spraying method, that is, the coating material is heated and melted and then sprayed on the inner wall of the kettle by electrostatic spraying, so there is no smell. The coating on the inner surface is not only hygienic and durable, but also can be used for carbonated and fruit acid beverages (because these two beverages are prone to corrode the kettle body), so other kettles dare not promise.

Introduction of 304 sport bottle
1.304 stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and high price.
2. 304 stainless steel is generally used in places with complex environments and strong corrosion resistance.
3. 304 is imported stainless steel plate.
4. The 304 stainless steel vacuum flask contains nickel, so it does not rust, and 304 stainless steel and does not rust.
5. The thermos cup made of 304 stainless steel contains more chromium, and the surface is matte and does not rust.
6.The 304 stainless steel vacuum flask is not easy to rust because the chromium-rich oxide formed on the surface of the steel body can protect the steel body, so as to achieve the effect of healthy drinking..

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