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Product name: stainless steel coffee mug and beer mug set
Material: stainless steel
Capacity: 300ML
Process: can print LOGO
Price: USD1.5-USD9.6/PC
Color: Natural
Features: double vacuum, heat insulation and heat protection, can be stored on the storage rack, neat and occupies a small space.
The double-wall vacuum insulation design keeps your beverage cold for more than 9 hours or heat preservation for more than 3 hours. Insulation can also protect your hands from the temperature of the drink. The temperature of our hands does not affect the temperature of the drink.
High-quality materials are not easy to break. The outer coating prevents indentation and scratches. Sweat-proof and environmentally friendly. Safety for adults and children. The stemless and sturdy bulb shape of the stainless steel wine glass feels natural and comfortable when held in the hand, while also allowing the wine to breathe to enhance the flavor and release its decadent aroma. Unlike glass cups, these stemless cups can keep the beverage at room temperature, and every sip can bring a refreshing, refreshing drink. This cup is not only suitable for home use, but also very suitable for camping, picnics and other outdoor activities. This set of stainless steel glasses is an excellent gift for wine connoisseurs. Its smooth exterior is very suitable for carving, creating a special personalized style. You can use our wine glass set indoors or outdoors-in the courtyard, swimming pool, boat, outdoor barbecue, family reunion, boating, picnic, RV, camping, luxury camping, cruise or party.



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