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New web celebrity creative eggshell cup for students fashion simple eggshell thermos cup for home portable coffee cup
Product name: eggshell cup
Product capacity: 350ML
Material: 304 stainless steel
Insulation performance: 6-12 hours
Product color: multi-color can be customized
Printing process: screen printing, digital printing, laser, thermal transfer printing
The bottle body can be customized LOGO pattern details contact customer service

QTY/CTN 50 pcs MATERIAL food grade SS 304+ plastic
MOQ 100 pcs PACKAGE individual white box
OEM MOQ 100 pcs SHIPPING by express, air, sea, train

The characteristics of
5 layers of vacuum insulation technology, from inside to outside efficient temperature lock
2 creative lid sealing leakproof AS transparent cover, does not contain BPA food grade silica gel, sealing water tight FDA LFGB can be passed (four kinds of cover can be selected transparent flat cover, straw cover, silica gel push sheet cover, push sheet cover)
3 round cup 304 steel liner integral forming fine polished smooth round
4. The surface of ultra-fine spray paint is more beautiful, full and firm than ordinary paint. It has passed the 3M grid test
Anti-skid cup bottom anti-skid design cup body stable, stable and safe

Usage method:
1. The inner liner should be washed clean before the first use.
2. First, wash the tank with a small amount of hot water or ice water (do not use steel ball) and then pour it out, and then repeat
New filling of boiling water or ice water to ensure better insulation effect
3. After each use, please clean and keep dry.
4. It is not suitable to store carbonaceous acid beverage in the cup for a long time, so as to prolong the service life of the thermos cup.
5. Keep away from heat source and avoid violent impact.
6. Keep out of the reach of children, so as not to damage the skin.
Matters Needing Attention
(1)To avoid this, please pay attention
Avoid children can get at will
Do not tilt the bottle quickly when drinking
Don’t pour too much into the drink to avoid overflow when the switch is turned on
Don’t use it while driving
Do not open the switch and the cover when the product is tilted or the cover is close to the side face
Do not vibrate or shake when hot drinks are in the product
(2) Please do not boil the lid and switch to avoid deformation
(3) Do not immerse the whole cup in water when cleaning
(4) Do not immerse the whole cup in water when cleaning
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