stainless steel insulation multilayer lunch box

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Product name: stainless steel insulation multilayer lunch box
Material: PP +201 stainless steel
Capacity: 0.7L 1.4L 2.1L 2.8L
Size: 700ml 8.8*13.2
1400 ml 14.5 * 13.2
2100ml 20 * 13.2
2800ml 26 * 13.2
Color: grass green light pink light blue
Price: USD0.5/PC -2.4/PC
Multilayer insulation box
Product name: multilayer insulation box
Militer: single layer, double layer, three layers and four layers
Color: pink, white, blue and green can be customized
Product material: edible grade steel, PP material
Features: Inner liner 201 stainless steel material, external environmental PP shell material safety, advanced environmental resin high temperature corrosion resistance, bright color is not easy to wear
1. Healthy steel
2. PP shell
3. First layer seal
4. Layered design
5. Fixed bayonet
6.Heat insulation and heat protection
7. Smooth non-skid bottom, stable and non-skid placement.
Edible stainless steel material, bright as a mirror, durable corrosion resistance, cover with sealing apron, installed in the first layer seal does not leak, grid design, not easy to cross taste, can retain the original flavor of the food, double hollow design, heat insulation and hot, safe use, color change, sealing air hole, thickened PP buckle.

The heat preservation lunch box is additionally provided with a thermal insulation shell in the ordinary lunch box, and two layers of inside and outside are filled with foam plastics, and then the inner layer is plated with metal film. Reduce heat loss from conduction, radiation and convection. An electric heating device is installed between the lunch box and the shell to supplement the heat loss and keep the food at a certain high temperature.

It features long heat preservation time, can be reheated when you want to eat; fashionable appearance, portable; compared with the market of heat preservation lunch box, the price is relatively affordable, the product is green, energy saving and beautiful.

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